Supporting atheltes with the right gear on their journey. The Dick's Sporting Goods mobile site was dated and needed updates to make it more usable. I refreshed the visual design of the mobile site to make it easier for those shopping to get the gear they need.

I was the UX designer for this project done at Dick's Sporting Goods in 2015.


The Dick’s Sporting Goods mobile site needed some updating when I started. While at Dick’s, I took the existing mobile site and updated its look. My goal for each one of the pages was to remove the visual clutter, construct a clear hierarchy, make everything appropriately sized for a mobile screen, and overall visual refinement. I was working within the existing style framework already established by the desktop site, and there were many instances where I had to make tradeoffs between usability and brand identity. Examples of before and after on pages I designed can be seen below.

The old mobile category page (left) and the new mobile category page (right).
The old mobile family page (left) and the new mobile family page (right).
The old mobile product display page (left) and the new mobile product display page (right).

My process for prototyping, designing, and communicating these changes was unusual due to the difficulty of making changes to an old code base. Something may not be possible given how the overall site is structured. Because of this, I would prototype using HTML/CSS on the existing site, and communicate changes with developers using my own code.

Other projects on Dick’s Sporting Goods eCommerce included lead design on the tablet eCommerce site, design strategy for the iOS app, quantitative testing on all channels of eCommerce including in-store kiosks, and qualitative testing of new features for the mobile and tablet sites.